I was born in 1939 in a small rural town in western
Germany near the French, Luxembourg border. I am
a mechanical engineer by profession but I have since
retired. Since the late 1960's I have been living mostly
in Australia. I live in Darwin now, Australia's tropical

Throughout my career I have done a lot of writing.
Mainly technical articles, manuals, reports and so
forth. Since 1992 I have been trying my hand on and
off at fiction, something I recently decided to do full

My interests include writing, engineering, classical
music, ancient history, mythology, art
Hans von Lieven
This site is intended to be a showcase for my work. The term longgrass has a special
meaning in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is where you live when you have no
other place to go, or if you just want to live under the sky. When longgrassers meet
around a campfire stories are told. Most of these stories never make it into print, though
compelling many of them are. It is there where the art of storytelling is still very much
alive. It is a fitting name for a repository of tales such as this.
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